Courses for Process Improvement, Problem Solving & Leadership

You love process improvement? Doing things smarter?

There are proven tools and techniques that can help. Some of them are simple and straight forward, others more advanced and take more time to learn and master.

Our trainings blend e-learning for the easier methods and sessions with instructors (virtual or actual classroom). We are not just training specialists but hands-on practitioners who enjoy to share our expertise with you. If you want to learn more than ‘just the theory’ of Lean Six Sigma, we are your partner of choice.

We are very excited about your needs, goals and project ideas. Choose the Lean Six Sigma belt you strive for right now!

Why O for Lean Six Sigma

  • You want to learn from experienced practitioners who have used the tool numerous times in reality?
  • You prefer interactive learning over reading theory?
  • You want to learn when and how to use the tools effectively (and also when you should avoid them)?
  • You believe that learning and fun should go hand-in-hand?

If the answer to all these questions is yes, you are in good hands with us. Try our White Belt training for free to get an impression. Even if you already know the basics.

White Belt Certificate

Get your White Belt Certificate by passing our entertaining online course

Yellow Belt Certificate

Become a certified Yellow Belt with proven implementation skills

Green Belt Certificate

Green Belts with proven practical experience are renown improvement drivers. Learn about our combined courses