Become a certified Lean Six Sigma practitioner

Yellow Belts are able to support a process improvement initiative and raise awareness for Operational Excellence. Yellow Belt trainings provide the perfect opportunity to reach many people and communicate Lean Six Sigma basics to work in a strong customer- & result-oriented way. To become a certified Yellow Belt it is mandatory to prove you have not only understood the theory but have applied some learnings in a small case in reality (typically at your company).

Our offering in a nutshell:

Receive your Certification through online training and proven application

  • 3 Courses Online Learning (White Belt Training, Training module “Value and Waste”, one additional module of choice)
  • Hand-in your application example and receive individual feedback from an experienced Black Belt to get certified
  • Costs: € 250 per person – if you have successfully passed our White Belt and rated us on our website or posted your certificate on LinkedIn you will receive a 20% discount (we will deduct 50EUR off the charge)
  • Contact us if you want further information or certify more than one person in your company

Training Outcome

  • Confidence to explain the idea of Operational Excellence and Lean Six Sigma to colleagues
  • Ability to contribute to a process improvement project
  • Ability to apply the learnings in small process improvements
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