Become a certified Improvement expert with our blended learning

Top notch training with highest impact!

Through our consulting business we know how to successfully implement Lean Six Sigma practically and how to avoid common pitfalls. We show you how to apply the tools the most effective way. Benefit from:

  • Return on Investment through improvement projects > 1:10

  • Small groups with less than 12 participants to enable fruitful exchange and discussion

  • Large collection of Online Courses & Lean Six Sigma templates

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Our offering in a nutshell:

  • 2 days e-learning through our online self-paced training modules (meet our fun trainer o’Peep, decide when to learn)
  • 8 days instructor-led training sessions (virtual classroom)
  • Cost per participant: € 4’200 (in case there is just one participant from your company)
  • 8-10 individual expert coachings online at € 1200 per participant

      Upcoming training waves:

      16 sessions at 4 hours instructor-led virtual training sessions

      Green Belt English 10
      (8-12 CET)
      19.9. – 22.9.
      4.10. – 7.10. (Tuesday – Friday)
      7.11. – 10.11.
      21.11. – 24.11.

      Green Belt English 11
      (14-18 CET; 8-12 EST)
      19.9. – 22.9.
      4.10. – 7.10. (Tuesday – Friday)
      7.11. – 10.11.
      28.11. – 1.12.


      Green Belt English 12
      (8:30-12:30 CET)

      Green Belt English 13
      (14-18 CET)


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      Green Belt Project Selection

      We support you to select and scope your Green Belt Project. It is helpful to discuss this individually. Please contact us!

      A suitable Green Belt Project:

      • Addresses a clearly defined, important business issue where the solution is opaque
      • Can be completed in 3 months
      • Requires some of the analytical Lean Six Sigma tools
      • Has a champion/sponsor who is committed to its success
      • Focuses on a process that cycles often
      • Needs to be tackled anyway regardless of a Green Belt program

      On demand we offer individual project coaching for your project.

      Find here more information for selecting good Green Belt Projects.

      Topics of your Green Belt Training
      • DMAIC Methodology
      • Project Charter
      • Hi-level Process Map
      • Value and Waste
      • Process mapping (incl. basic VSM)
      • Data collection
      • Lean metrics
      • Basic statistics
      • Process capability
      • Qualitative problem solving tools
      • Quantitative problem solving tools (graphical and statistical)
      • Lean improvement principles
      • Control Charts
      • Process management
      • Leading improvement projects
      • Kaizen facilitation
      • Basics of agile project management
      • Project exchange and support
      Self-paced e-Learning modules

      With our online courses you can learn to master the theoretical contents working at your pace.

      Instructor-led trainings

      Our trainers are experienced Black Belts. You will highly benefit from their experience in implementation projects. Building on the input of Online Courses, in our instructor-led sessions we intensify these topics and cover those which need more discussions and hands-on support.

      • Apply the methods and use statistical software
      • Lead the improvement
      • Change
      • Facilitate building on methods

      Discuss and review individual project approaches.

      Green Belt Expert Coaching

      We strongly recommend you build on an experienced Black Belt to coach you on your Green Belt project.

      Of course, one of our experienced consultants can support you with your Green Belt project. For this, we arrange appointments with you as needed – online. Some projects need a lot of coaching support at the beginning, others more towards the end. We plan the coaching sessions individually and specific for your project. We plan workshops with you, advise on the right metrics and give advice in case of internal difficulties. Typically, 6-10 sessions are needed per project, lasting about 30 to 60 minutes.

      Do you still have questions? Feel free to contact us!

      Exam & Certificate of attendance
      You will get from us a Green Belt Certificate of attendance after

      • Passing the Online Courses
      • Attending the virtual training or classroom training
      • Passing our exam
      • Our exam:
        • Online
        • 20 questions (multiple choice and open questions)
        • Open-book
        • 75% minimum to pass
      Final Certification after project completion
      You will get your final Green Belt certificate after successfully completing your project. We will review your project documentation individually with you.

      Of course, when signing in for our Green Belt Trainings we will sign a non-disclosure agreement with your company.

      Our Certificates are globally recognized by leading companies and follow the Lean and Six Sigma Standards from ISO and ASQ.