Lead the improvement, coach leaders and experts

Would  you like to apply in-depth methods of process improvement, work mainly  on projects and advance your company on the path of continuous improvement? Then a Black Belt education is the right next move for you.

Black Belts need profound practical experience. They have to decide which approaches and methods are best suited for solving a specific problem. At the same time, a solid expertise in methods application helps them. Black Belts are the first contact points for difficult problems and major transformational projects, in the statistical field as well as in the context of Lean and efficiency.

Our experienced trainers have a lot of passion for your individual development. They will support you in developing your personal strength. We allow for this by training in small groups, and help you to ramp up your effectiveness.

Black Belts get trained to support with their methodical expertise, e.g. to

  • Drive transformation projects

  • Solve problems with advanced problem solving approaches

  • Set-up Shopfloor Management

  • Develop metrics and KPIs

  • Improve processes

  • Support process validation

  • Support colleagues, Green Belts and Yellow Belts through Coaching and Training

Black Belts will drive company culture to work and manage based on Data and Facts.

In a Nutshell

We have trained Black Belts in different industries for over 20 years.

  • This Black Belt Training is for certified Green Belts only. It builds on the Green Belts‘ education and some application skills in this field.

  • Training groups are small with less than 10 participants

  • It is 10 days of interactive online training with one of our experienced trainers. Many case studies, role plays, and simulations are waiting for you.

  • Our Black Belt candidates will get access to our Online Courses. This means that they can recap some content from the Green Belt Training by themselves which comes in handy when the previous training is already some time ago.

  • Cost per participant: € 5.000

Upcoming trainings:

Black Belt Bridge 03
(14-18 CET; 8-12 EST)

Black Belt Bridge 04
(14-18 CET; 8-12 EST)

Black Belt Bridge 05
(14-18 CET; 8-12 EST)

On these dates the training will take place on each day of the week for 4 hours. In total this is 20 half days of training.

Interested? Please contact us!

Program: Get more insights by clicking here

Can I take part in the Black Belt Training?

Requirements for participating the Black Belt Training are:

  • You are a certified Green Belt (80h training, project experience)
  • You have access to the software Minitab. If not, please contact us. We will work with you in finding a practical solution.
  • We recommend you to have chosen your future Black Belt Certification project already before starting the training
  • You have an internal coach (Master Black Belt) from your company or a coaching contract with us
Topics of your Black Belt Training
  • Scoping projects and managing the improvement
  • Deep dive into Lean Six Sigma methods, inc.
  • Value Stream Analysis
  • Hypothesis tests and regression analysis
  • Design of Experiments (fractional Designs, Response Surface Designs, etc.)
  • Coaching improvement experts and leaders
  • Training techniques for methods (Teach Back’s) and exercises
  • Production systems
  • Selection and implementation of effective metrics for different areas
Methods and Tools in detail
  • Voice of Customer Tools
  • Business case estimation for OpEx projects
  • Agile project management basics
  • Value Stream Analysis and Value Stream Management
  • Production system and Tiered Shopfloor Management
  • Measurement system analysis for discrete and continuous data
  • Data distributions and transformation
  • Advanced process capability
  • Hypothesis tests for parametric and non-parametric data
  • Power and sample size determination
  • Advanced regression analyses
  • Design of Experiments (incl. Full Factorials, Fractional Factorial, and Response Surface Designs)
  • Control charts for discrete and continuous data and with sub-groups

Project exchange and support


Requirements to get the certificate for training participation:

  • Participation in all training sessions
  • Passing the exam at the end of the training (>80%)

Requirements for Black Belt Certification
(in addition to the above)

  • Successfully completed and documented a Black Belt Project (application of appropriate tools, use of some advanced tools, successfully implemented a solution and benefits verified)
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