Making Success Repeatable – Exchange Among Practitioners

June 13 2019, 10:00-16:00


„Input & Exchange“
Operational Excellence – Hamburg Network

We invite all Hamburg Operational Excellence Networkers to our Input and Exchange Session on Methods, Trainings, Leadership.


  • Which approaches helped us succeed? – Generalist methods’ overview for Lean and Statistical Tools
  • Training whom in what?
  • Personnel: Needs difficult to close
  • Developing Leadership: Where did Operational Excellence help us? Where are we stuck?
  • High potential to tap into or fighting for the last millimeters: Which are the key challenges?
  • How to merge Lean with Digitalization?


June 20 2019, 10:00-16:00


„Input & Exchange“
Impact through Gemba Walks

We invite all Gemba Walkers to our next InpEx Session for getting expert Input and facilitated Exchange.



  • Maximum results and save time: Preparation & follow-up
  • The Don’ts and some Do’s
  • Spot room for improvement: Standard Work
  • Connect to people
  • Manage performance through Gemba
  • Leadership on the shopfloor
  • Systematically add value
  • Discussions on most difficult situations
  • Exchange of best practice, tips & tricks

Fee: € 250