Who will benefit from Black Belt Training?

Who will benefit from Black Belt Training?

Even those born with natural talent grow from method training.

Still thinking about it? Looking for criteria on who in your organization should become a Black Belt?

A Black Belt wants to make a difference

Black Belts sit uneasily in their chairs when things don’t move forward. They see potential for improvement everywhere, and they’re itching to reach ultimate goals. A good Black Belt training provides valuable approaches to tackle the situation properly and improve it effectively.

It’s all about data and facts – Black Belts have a passion for numbers

Facts and figures are the favorite weapons of real Black Belts. Rather than talk at length, they prefer to let the data speak for itself. Before getting started, Black Belts take a close look at the facts and often come to startling conclusions. In training, Black Belts learn how to use statistics to give a quick and impressive overview.

A Black Belt can take others along and drive change

Black Belts who prefer to work on data in an ivory tower are not good Black Belts. Because, as we all know, change happens in real work applications. Good instincts, a high level of acceptance in the team, skillful communication – all of these are necessary ingredients for change. Good Black Belt trainings emphasize systematic approaches to communication and transparency.

Leadership without hierarchical responsibility? A Black Belt can thread this needle!

Black Belts often work in different departments. Those who have to persuade colleagues to change their behavior without hierarchical power need leadership talent. It’s about creating security and trust, being a role model, and improving transparency. Those who can do this will later be able to lead in other roles as well. Above all, the training provides methods for involving colleagues and creating overviews.

Black Belts are organized and inspiring discussion partners

Managers like to use Black Belts in order to be able to look at the situation from several perspectives. Black Belts use their Lean repertoire to show processes from new perspectives and to offer solutions. This brings structure to complex situations.

Do you have such a rough diamond on your team or are you possibly one yourself? Black Belt Training will help you achieve brilliance!

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