Process Excellence in Regulated Environments

An excellent process is a compliant process: simple, robust and lean.


Getting better by understanding processes

leads to performance improvement and simultaneously increases quality, so it is good for the business and the regulatory authorities. For such breakthrough improvements, everybody must take ownership of their processes so that the leaders can drive strategy and improvements.

Process Excellence is about:

  • Transparency
  • Target focus and results orientation
  • Clear roles
  • Responsibility, or even better, entrepreneurship for all players
  • Robust methods and standards, well integrated

Our transformation approach connects value creation on the shopfloor with parallel documentation processes while ensuring support from the boardroom. We guide and coach leaders as role models, critical to creating a Lean culture.

It’s exciting to see when processes get simpler, teams orient themselves more to strategy, sites overachieve objectives and at the same time people find more meaning in and have fun at work.

Whether you are looking for capacity increases, more flexibility, more speed, higher quality or cost reduction: We help you to move forward while minimizing your effort for lasting results.

Increased Output at Constant Cost

A manufacturer of injectable medicine systematically drove performance improvement through visual performance management. Within four months, the goal of “increasing output by 25% while holding conversion costs constant” was exceeded. This resulted in a cultural change toward process ownership and continuous improvement.

Efficient ways to save time led to a deeper understanding of processes, improved cross-functional collaboration in investigating root causes and ultimately to real business outcomes such as reduced deviations and scrap.