Building Capabilities

Only capable people will drive systematic improvement and sustain success.


Practice makes “fresh” capabilities permanent and reliable,

but only feedback on the job, coaching, training and studying will help to develop new skills and promote more effective behaviors. Learning and developing gives everyone a sense of personal and professional growth. So ultimately this serves the company not just through more skillful and flexible, but also more motivated and committed colleagues.

For us it is critically important that improvements last beyond the project, i.e. when “the consultants are gone”. Therefore, every project we support contains an element of training. Over time we have combined the most practical insights and tools, and combined them into various training programs that you can find in our Training Catalogue, such as

  • Basic Lean
  • Lean Leadership
  • Classic DMAIC – Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt, Master Black Belt
  • Project Management for Improvement
  • Design Methods and Processes
  • Statistical Tools

We are known as experts in delivering interesting, to-the-point and fun trainings. In-class, virtual or at Gemba, what interests you most? Contact us for more information at

An Overview of Our Experience

Since 1999 our consultants have trained more than 10,000 Green and Black Belts in the application of Lean Six Sigma tools in global, international, and local companies of all sizes, and in multiple industries. We have supported, directly as consultants or indirectly as project coaches, thousands of improvement projects that have collectively contributed to over 1 Billion Euros in annual hard savings.