Certified Shopfloor Management Leader

Get yourself experienced online support for shopfloor management

Wherever you drive improvement – Benefit from one of the key approaches: Shopfloor Management.

Shopfloor Management is a Leadership Tool to make everybody in an organization work in a target-oriented way, co-operate better throughout the organization, increase motivation, achieve results.

You are looking to implement or improve Shopfloor Management for your organization? Experienced support could be useful? Get to know our program.

Our offering in a nutshell:

Get expert support to progress faster and achieve better results in your Shopfloor Management implementation

  • Duration: 12 weeks
  • Cost per participant and certificate: € 3200
  • Online Courses on Shopfloor Management related topics
  • Weekly remote 1:1 coaching
  • Monthly exchange with practitioners from other companies


Get certified for what you have learned and applied completing your Shopfloor Management project. We are globally recognized for our method trainings. 

Expert Coaching

You have to deal not only with methods and smart numbers, but also with culture, change and leadership. Build on an experienced sparring partner in weekly 1:1 exchange.

Practical Training

Learn what is key to go straight for the goal.

Fill gaps of your knowledge through self-study with our practical courses and contents. 

Build experience

Work on your project self-organized,
get tips and best practice.


Learn faster through regular exchange with other practitioners from this course on what works best in different environments.

Course Program:

Build on our Maturity Assessment & Online Courses for self-study
  • Our Shopfloor Management Maturity Assessment will help you identify opportunities in your Shopfloor Management systems and help prioritize next steps
  • Get input from Online Courses most relevant for you
Define your Implementation project
  • Start from your goals (site or global)

  • Build on the results of the self-assessment to define your project details.

  • We will have an intense “Stop, Challenge, Choose” session with you to review your situation and the progress so far to specify your goals resulting in a tailored and straight-to-target approach

Accelerate your project with 1:1 Coachings
  • When implementing Shopfloor Management you always face specific challenges in culture, outside limitations, people personalities and the line in the background: You will have an experienced coach from us on your side who has supported numerous implementations
  • Of course there is no panacea, however experience helps to avoid making mistakes again that others made already
  • Enjoy having a sparring partner to overcome challenges, and a buddy who can bring you back from emotion to reality and have a laugh with you!
Exchange with Course participants & practitioners
  • Open your horizon
  • Learn from peers and let them learn from you
  • Discuss challenges and best practices
  • Investigate which approaches work best under which circumstances
  • Build your professional network

Looking for exchange? → Join our next Virtual Roundtable!

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