Performance Management: What you see when walking the Gemba

Performance Management: What you see when walking the Gemba

Performance Management: What you see when walking the Gemba

The foundation
Performance is visually tracked in an easy-to-understand way. And what’s tracked has real time updates.
This means: At one glance it is clear, the recent hours’ or latest shift’s performance was good or bad. It shows whether targets were met.

Within seconds and without instruction anybody should be able to understand it.

1. Focus of Performance Management
Having only one or two aspects that are consistent and targeted is key to site success. E.g. shorten “time from order to delivery” or increase output.
Good performance management means: To all people in the site, also visitors, it’s clear at one glance, where the site is working hard to improve. And, how each department contributes.

Other aspects should be tracked with lowest possible effort.

2. It’s really about “managing”
Managing the performance means taking actions:

  • Systematic problem solving
  • Quick fixes
  • Technical development
  • Feedback to Design or Engineering
  • Development of standard work

Improvement in targeted ways requires defining meaningful actions and tracking those on the board. This way management is held accountable for managing improvement. So, at your Gemba it’s up to you to check actions are being completed in order to improve performance.

A final check for your Gemba Walk: Can you see issues being escalated to the top? It should be those issues that can’t been tackled in this environment. And is there a response from upper management? For example, a documented open action for management or other departments being followed-up / tracked.

Managing performance like this on all levels of the hierarchy allows the organization to become agile and quick in achieving goals.

This is #performance-management.


We appreciate some good exchange on the topic. What’s your experience?


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