– Value Stream Mapping (VSM) is a tool that assesses the process flow and distinguishes between Value-add and Non-value-added activities
– VSM visualizes the issues in the “Current State” of the process with a special focus on Lead times
– It is especially helpful to visualize the process flow for complex processes and in areas where you cannot “see” the process flow, because it is hidden in IT-Applications or dispersed between different locations
– The information gathered is used for pinpointing opportunities for process improvements and to create the “Future State Map” of the process
– When to do value stream mapping:
       – Define: to select and prioritize projects and workshops
       – Measure: to structure data collection
       – Analyze: as an approach to explore issues around Lead times and productivity
       – Improve: to create the Future State

Step-by-step approach to map the current state
Focus on what is important to improve the given process. You usually do not need to do all steps:
1. Customer + Process Mission (goal), Value, Start and Stop Point
2. Activities, Actors, Systems, Information flow
3. Inputs + Outputs
4. Inventories
5. Process times, In-between times (Average plus Max, Min and Range if possible)
6. Basic process data (volumes, splits*, resources, batch sizes)
7. Value added, non-value added
8. How work is prioritized
9. Identify the 7 types of waste
10. Calculate Process Cycle Efficiency
11. Helicopter View: What are the 2-3 key issues here?

How to get to the future state:
1. What is the Takt Time of the downstream processes that are closest to the customer?
2. Will you produce to a finished goods supermarket or directly to customer order?
3. Where can you implement continuous flow processing?
4. Where will you need to use supermarket pull systems or FIFO lanes to control production upstream?
5. Where is the pacemaker?
6. How will you level production mix at the pacemaker?
7. How will you level production volume at the pacemaker?
8. What process improvements will be necessary to accomplish the future state?