A Spaghetti Diagram is a process map that displays how people, material, or information move during a process. It shows efficiency opportunities related to transport and motion waste and has the purpose to untangle a process in terms of physical movement of people or material. Use it to e.g. reduce changeover times, Lab and Workstation Layouts.

Step by step:

  1. Inform everyone involved about the purpose
  2. Print or sketch the layout of the workspace
  3. Label the starting point on your map and draw lines showing the actual movement of people, material or information

Practitioner’s Tip: If you create the Spaghetti Diagram to generate ideas for improving efficiency, let people from the same team map each other. They will have the ideas and everyone involved will be ready to implement them straight away.

Learn more about this topic in our Process Mapping Online Course (Demo currently not available for Internet Explorer).

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