Shopfloor Management is a method for ongoing performance management which takes place where the processes are executed (in a production environment on the shopfloor). It is not only Production that is meant to be managed by Shopfloor Management. Also in other areas like Quality, Sales, or R&D, it is common to work with this method.

Typically, Shopfloor Management includes:

  • Timely tracking of performance with the right metrics
  • Visualization of performance (creating transparency) on boards present at the process
  • Regular short meetings to discuss status and derive actions (1-15min stand-up meetings happening e.g. every hour, at every shift handover or daily. Here the people actually working in the process are involved
  • Systematic problem solving interlinked with continuous improvement

Successful Shopfloor Management usually requires the following: 

  • Lean Leadership: Behavioral implications how to manage and lead in a Lean environment as a coach and mentor
  • Capability Building: Establishing team effectiveness and the problem solving capabilities across the organization
  • Lean Standards: These are the basis for getting better and include implementation of 5S, Visual Management and Standard Work
  • Interlinked System: Business objectives are translated into meaningful metrics on different levels from shopfloor to board room, with “shopfloor boards” present in direct and indirect areas and on all hierarchical levels

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