OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) is a Lean Metric comparing the potential machine performance to the actual performance.

Depending on the calculation of the machine availability, OEE1 and OEE2 can be distinguished:

  • OEE 1 is calculated based on the total available time, which would be 365 days a year 24 hours to see what the equipment could potentially deliver.
  • OEE 2 is calculated based on the planned production time, e.g. 15 shifts per week. So, you can see how good your efficiency is in the time which you have planned to produce.

Work with OEE to

  • Increase the capacity of the bottleneck process (OEE 1)
  • Identify open capacities in order to transfer products (OEE 1)
  • Decide which equipment to get rid of (OEE 1)
  • Increase the efficiency of all equipment (OEE 2)

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