Lean Six Sigma is the powerful combination of Lean and Six Sigma: Lean can be used to eliminate non-value-added steps while Six Sigma can be used to make processes more capable.

Four good reasons for working with Lean Six Sigma:

  • Lean Six Sigma provides a common ground and language for making fact-based business decisions, systematically solving problems, and of course, implementing improvements.
  • Being trained in Lean Six Sigma, you will develop a new perspective on your work environment, especially for processes. Watch out, this will start today.
  • Lean Six Sigma changes the company culture towards the use of more data and facts for decisions. It leads to transparency and that empowers everybody in the organization to focus on the right improvements.
  • And of course, Lean Six Sigma is a collection of proven tools and techniques applicable for projects and routine tasks that help you to achieve your goals.

Learn more about this topic in our Lean Six Sigma Basics Online Course (Demo currently not available for Internet Explorer).

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