Once you have improved your process, you need to plan the implementation of the selected solution(s), i.e.:
– Tasks and Timelines: What are you going to do and when?
– Budget and Resources: Which financial and human resources are needed?
– Stakeholders: Which people and groups are involved in or affected by the
project? How will they participate or be communicated with?
– How to Check: How will you know if the plans and methods work?

For planning tasks and timelines the best tools to use are:
– Action plan
Gantt chart

At specific implementation milestones, check if you have achieved the desired results and if you are still on track. If not, ask why, take corrective actions and adjust timelines in your action plan. At the end of the implementation evaluate the achieved results:
– Collect data on the same measures you identified in the Measure Phase
– Get new data on defect levels so you can re-calculate Process capability