The Attribute Agreement Analysis is a Gage R&R Study for discrete data.

Step-by-step approach:

  1. Take parts representative of the process (usually 30 parts). These parts must contain good and bad samples
  2. Get an expert assessment of the parts (a “standard”)
  3. Let one appraiser rate all parts
  4. Repeat step 3 for the same appraiser (keeping the parts in random order to keep the appraiser “blind”) at least once, better twice
  5. Let a second (and third) appraiser repeat steps 3 and 4 (If there is only one person and set of equipment doing the measurements leave the reproducibility out of the study)


  • Total %R&R describes the level of agreement within/ between appraisers and a standard (if available)
  • Total %R&R must be 100 % ( this sounds very high but since there are only 30 parts here and the study conditions are different from reality every result below 100% will lead to a measurement system not worth trusting)
  • If Total %R&R is less than 100% investigate the results to see if this is a problem of repeatability, reproducibility or both