Brainstroming by Analogies
Typical Sequence:
1. Find an agreed problem definition in terms of ‘How to make X’. ‘How to prevent Y’, ‘How to speed up Z‘
2. Generate a list of items (people, situations, objects, processes, actions, places, etc.) that is ‘like’ it in some way e.g. analogies to ‘making X‘: having a baby, making a pudding, a robot car factory, …etc.
3. Pick one of these analogies that seems interesting (preferably where the problem and analogy are from different domains) e.g. a biological analogy for a mechanical problem.
4. Describe the analogue how it works, what it does, what effects it has, how it is used size, position, etc.
5. Use this description to suggest ideas relevant to your problem. Does the analogue have features you can use directly? Do the differences suggest other ways of looking at your problem?