Shorten Lead Times

Reduce order to delivery time from 10 months to 6 weeks.

Time from order to shipment is just too long? You feel it as clients are unhappy. And you often have exactly on stock, what you don’t need. The longer the Lead Time, the more you need clairvoyance, so to be able to order what’s needed. Mistakes lead to scrap. And long Lead Times always result in too much WIP and a lot of bound Cash. To understand, where to win most with lowest effort, we start with our Potential analysis. A typical next step means understanding which processes are crucial to improve. For example from Forecast to Purchasing. Or preparation of orders. Usually, here we start with our Lean Process Transparency. Result is a measurably reduced Lead Time, which becomes noticeable after a few weeks.  The big mid-term benefit: The improved transparency leads to a new style in working.


Potential Analysis:

Analyzing your opportunities


Focus Map:

Placing the focus on what holds the highest potential 


Lean Process Transparency:

Shedding light into the invisible processes to surface and tackle obstacles


E2E Throuput Effectiveness via Value Stream Integration:

Overcome barriers between departments, get to insights along Value Creation


Sustain Success Support:

Ensure continuous progress by hands-on expert and leadership support

Lasting Lead Time improvements through support

10 to 20 weeks

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