Maximizing the output of your production

Build on your resources. Increase output by 30%.


Production Screening:

Understand what triggers your production‘s performance: Opportunities and gaps


Shopfloor Tour

Analyzing your opportunities


Shopfloor Transformation

Implementing a leadership system based on indicators leading to problem solving with systematic follow-up


Process Improvement and Problem Solving

Process development and implementation with standards leading to rules & discipline


Sustain Success Support

Ensure continuous progress by hands-on expert and leadership support

Significant Output Increase

 within 10 to 25 weeks

Overwhelming backlogs and the light in the tunnel might be a candle? Our experience is you can always get more out of your production even without additional people and equipment. Together with your leadership team, we usually start to understand which levers are there with a short potential analysis. Once it’s clear what needs to be done, we move ahead with our Shopfloor Transformation. This is a proven approach which we tailor to your needs.  Often supporting functions like logistics, design or order management have a significant impact. This is why we include also these by our approach for Lean Process Transparency. Result is of course more Output. We estimate beforehand how much more to get out after which efforts. And your people will take over many of the implemented methods. 

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