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Top 10 Lean Manufacturing Consulting/Services Companies

Manufacturing Technology Insights Magazin oConsulting is one of the Top 10 Lean Manufacturing Consulting/Services Companies The constringent transition and adoption to lean manufacturing is hard enough, but coupled with the complexity of keeping production and ROI...

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Pen-Operated White Boards in times of Digitalization?

“Really a board?” – we hear many of our clients ask. “Why not a screen bringing online data to the shopfloor?” … This would be “no effort” as data is directly taken from the system and it brings the spirit of digitalization, doesn’t it… ? Yes AND no. A quick deep-dive...

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CPV – ein Hundevirus?

Nein, damit ist nicht der CPV Hundevirus gemeint! Obwohl die Methodik hier und da ähnlich erfreut willkommen geheißen wird, wie ein Sack Hundeflöhe. Zu Unrecht, sagen wir! CPV “Continued Process Verification” bzw. OVP „Ongoing Process Verification“ ist ein Werkzeug...

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