OPEX for Process Improvement,
Problem Solving and Leadership



You love to drive Process improvement?


The demand for certified Operational Excellence experts is very high. Why our training to become a Lean Six Sigma Green Belts, Black Belts and Master Black Belts is so inspiring?
We lead our training participants to applying immediately the acquired skills to their own process improvement project. We make sure that each project addresses a significant business need. We share our implementation experience of Lean Six Sigma methods with a focus on regulated environments.

Upon successful completion of your improvement project, you will obtain our globally recognized certification. We are very excited about your needs, goals and project ideas. Contact us! We invite you to discuss your project

Ideas and show you how to successfully use OPEX Tools!

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Our OPEX Belts:

Upon request

Location: On your site
Capacity: 16 participants
Price: Upon request

Yellow Belt

You would like to increase your service quality and improve your operational processes? Enable everyone in your organization to support a process improvement initiative and raise awareness for Operational Excellence. Yellow Belt trainings provide the perfect opportunity to reach many people and communicate Lean Six Sigma basics to work in a strong customer- & result-oriented way.

Training Outcome
Confidence to explain the idea of Operational Excellence and Lean Six Sigma to colleagues
Ability to contribute to a process-improvement project


Training Program (1 day)

  • Introduction and Expectations
  • Simulation Round 1
  • Introduction to OPEX
  • Problem Definition
  • High level process mapping
  • Voice-of-Customer & CTQ
  • Value-Added Flow-Analysis

  • 5 Why
  • Simulation Round 2

Depending on your improvement program, audience and available time, this training can be enhanced to two or three days by adding more of the basic tools. For longer trainings the simulation rounds will be distributed over the days to maintain a high level of engagement.

For whom:

Everyone to be involved in process improvement projects, typically subject-matter- experts, managers, process owners and team members

Preparation: None

Certification: Yellow Belt certification

Key Features

Interactive and fun Pizza delivery simulation to make the concepts & tools tangible and to increase the motivation in the organization

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Green Belt

You would like to execute a process improvement project with Lean Six Sigma tools? Achieving significant performance improvements is crucial for the future competitiveness while requiring time, energy and communication. Green Belts are experts in solving process problems with the efficiently structured, fact- based project approach DMAIC, focusing on sustainability.

Training Outcome
The numerous skills needed to lead DMAIC projects


Part 1 (3 days)

Basics: DMAIC, problem definition, customer focus, project management, statistical thinking
Quick-Win techniques: 7 Wastes, 5S
Data-based process analysis: Process mapping, Lean metrics, discrete measurement system analysis, data collection, qualitative root cause analysis
Data-based process monitoring & validation: Control Charts, process capability calculations

Part 2 (4 days)

Quantitative root cause analysis: Basic hypothesis tests, simple linear regression
Process improvement: Dogma Busting & Blue Sky, Standard Work, Poka-Yoke, Visual Management, Flow & Pull

Part 3 (3 days)

Sustainable implementation: Mitigating risks, agile implementation principles, PDCA for continuous improvement
From project to daily business: Process- check-on-site, statistical process control, roles and responsibilities, project close-out
Training closure: Final recap, exam and take- aways

For whom:
Everyone with a passion to improve processes

Process requiring significant improvement, laptop with Minitab

Certificate of attendance after completion of the exam, Green Belt certification after successfully completed GB-project

Key Features

  • Learn through direct practical application in interactive simulations and exercises
  • Measurable business results from leading a Green Belt improvement project
  • Receive support with project selection and coaching throughout training

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10 days

Aug 18-21, Sep 15-17, Oct 20-22
Location: Hamburg
Capacity: 12 participants
Price: € 5,700 p.p.

10 days

Mar 31-Apr 2, May 4-7, Jun 2-4 Location: Hamburg Capacity: Max 9 participants Price: €6,500 (€4,300 if booked with GB)

Black Belt Bridge

As a Green Belt you have already experienced the power of Operational Excellence during previous process improvement projects and training. Take this to the next level and tackle higher value projects: multiple stakeholders, difficult data analysis, more complexity! Learning the advanced tools and roadmaps not just helps you to succeed, but also to coach Yellow and Green Belts.

Training Outcome
Strengthened expertise and repertoire
Ability to select most efficient roadmap / tools for each scenario in operations


Part 1 (3 days)

Project selection: 1-2-3 Model, Value Stream Mapping, Voice-of-Customer and demand analysis, OPEX business cases

Data-based process analysis: Additional distributions, transformation, continuous measurement system analysis, gage linearity, baseline analysis for non-normal data

Part 2 (4 days)

Quantitative root cause analysis: Power & sample size, advanced hypothesis tests, multiple non-linear & logistic regression

Finding best solutions: Creativity techniques and facilitation, Design of Experiments (DOE), Monte Carlo simulations

Part 3 (3 days)

Leadership & Change: Setting up Shopfloor Management for continuous improvement

Data-based process control: Sustain change with monitoring for all types of data

Specific roadmaps: IDOV/DFSS, Kaizen, RCA, SMED, OEE, Lean Lab, Lean Transformation

Training closure: Final recap, exam and take-aways

For whom:
Part- and full-time improvement experts who lead complex projects and coach other improvement project leaders

Green Belt certificate, complex improvement project, laptop with Minitab

Certificate of attendance after completion of the exam, Black Belt certification after successfully completed BB-project

Key Features

  • Strengthen your leadership and facilitation through teachbacks
  • Measurable business results from leading a Black Belt improvement project
  • Receive support with project selection and coaching throughout project lead

Master Black Belt

A Black Belt knows how to manage cross-functional projects. As Master Black Belt, there is a stronger focus on leading employees, business processes and functions. As drivers of OPEX Deployments and working directly with site management, Master Black Belts have both: a solid foundation in advanced methods as well as the ability to drive change on the highest level.

Training Outcome
Highest level of OPEX expertise Prepared for leading OPEX across a business


Day 1 – Leadership Skills

  • Role of the MBB
  • Coaching project sponsors
  • Facilitating site leadership decisions

Day 2 – Advanced Statistics

  • Multiple curvi-linear regression
  • Recap & Advanced DOE

Day 3 – Opportunity Identification

  • Lean Management Systems
  • Financials for OPEX Leaders

Day 4 – Setting up for Success

  • Strategy Deployment
  • Portfolio Management
  • Specific topics of interest
  • MBB Exam Preparation

Day 5 – Exam (4 hours)

  • 100 Multiple Choice questions on OPEX
  • 10 open questions on approaching different project situations
  • 3 case studies using advanced statistics in Minitab to conclude practical advice

Follow up Coaching (4 hours)

  • Session 1: Exam review
  • Sessions 2-4 per individual choice

For whom:
Site- & Global OPEX leaders who want to become or improve as MBBs

Laptop with Minitab, Black Belt certificate, portfolio of led and coached OPEX projects

MBB certification requires successfully completed projects solving complex problem, 10+ coached OPEX projects, co-delivery of BB training and having advanced OPEX in one’s company

Key Features

  • Final agenda will be tailored to the needs of this small expert group

  • Ample networking and exchange built in to allow benefitting from the deep expertise of fellow participants

5 days

Oct 12-16
Location: Hamburg
Capacity: Max 8 participants
Price: € 4,000 p.p.

2+2 days

Jul 14-15, Jul 16-17
Location: Hamburg
Capacity: Max 8 participants
Price: €1,400 (€2,500 for both refreshers)

Green & Black Belt Refresher

You were certified many years ago and, maybe after a pause in OPEX work,
you would like to refresh your knowledge? Or recap the tools before pursuing
the next level of certification? Learning about the latest additions to the OPEX toolkit and exchange with other experienced practitioners sounds like a good idea? Then join one or both of our refreshers – Either way the training will be tailored to address your most pressing questions.

Training Outcome
✓Refreshed and deepened understanding of the most relevant tools


Part 1 (2 days) – Green Belt Refresher

Basics: DMAIC, project management, customer focus

Data-based process monitoring & validation: Basic statistics, selecting metrics, Control Charts, process capability calculations

Selected OPEX tools: Determined by participants’ needs, typically includes Lean metrics, value added analysis and hypothesis testing

Part 2 (2 days) – Black Belt Refresher

Basics: Various OPEX roadmaps, 1-2-3 Model

Leadership: Engaging stakeholder, training, coaching, facilitating

Selected OPEX tools: Determined by participants’ needs, typically including advanced data analysis tools

For whom:
Green & Black Belts

Laptop with Minitab

Certificate of attendance displaying list of topics

Key Features

  • Refreshed tools will include the ones most relevant for you

  • Work on your most critical OPEX problems during the training

  • Exchange with experienced practitioners

  • Individual coaching opportunity