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  • Total Operating Time
    Total Operating Time = [Hours/Day] × [Days/Week] × [Weeks/Year]                                   = 24h × 7 × 52 = 8736h Read also: OEE1 - Read More
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  • u-chart
    The u-chart is a type of Control Chart which is used to monitor a process over time and to distinguish between common and special cause variation - for discrete count data - when(...) - Read More
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  • Value Added
    An activity is considered to add value if - The customer is willing to pay for it - The product gets physically transformed or information is being altered - It is done right(...) - Read More
  • Value Stream Map
    - Value Stream Mapping (VSM) is a tool that assesses the process flow and distinguishes between Value-add and Non-value-added activities - VSM visualizes the issues in the “Current(...) - Read More
  • Visual Management
    Visual Management - is the use of visual tools such as photos, colors, lines and shapes in addition to (or instead of) written instructions. - provides overview, clarity, status(...) - Read More
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  • WIP (Work in Process)
    Work in Process (WIP) is a Lean Metric describing the number of items within the process boundaries. To determine your WIP, count all the - product between process steps -(...) - Read More
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  • Yield
    “Traditional” Yield concepts reflect the short term view of the customers (“I’m not interested in how many defects a product/service has but that it’s defect-free”): – First Time Yield(...) - Read More