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  • Days of Inventory (DOI)
    Days of Inventory( DOI) is a Lean Metric describing the average time period your inventory stays in the warehouse, typically separated into raw materials, intermediate and finished goods(...) - Read More
  • Defect
    A defect is any type of undesired result making the product/part fail to meet the acceptance criteria of the customer. It is one of the eight types of waste. - Read More
  • Define Phase
    In the first phase of a DMAIC project, Define, you want to clearly define the project. One deliverable of Define is a project charter including - Problem statement: What problem are you(...) - Read More
  • Design of Experiments (DOE)
    Design of Experiments (DOE) is a tool to model a continuous output variable (Y) with continuous or discrete input/process variables (Xs). It describes a way to set up the eyperimental(...) - Read More
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  • External Failure Costs
    Costs caused by deficiencies found after delivery of products and services to external customers, which lead to customer dissatisfaction. E.g. costs for - complaints - repairing(...) - Read More
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  • F-Test
    The F-Test is a test for equal variances comparing the variations of two groups when the distributions are normal (X in two groups only). Read also: Bartlett-Test, Levene's Test,(...) - Read More
  • Fishbone Diagram
  • Flow Chart
  • Frequency Plots
    A frequency plot - shows the distribution of a measurement - is used for continuous variables - can be stratified using a discrete X variable - can by analyzed by looking at (...) - Read More
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  • Gantt Chart
    A Gantt chart is a visualization frequently used to illustrate project schedules. It plots the list of project tasks (vertical axis) against time (horizontal axis). - Read More
  • Good Output
    Good Output = Actual Output - Quality Losses - Read More
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  • Histogram
    The Histogram is a typical frequency plot. The Histogram - is a commonly known format - can be overlaid with a normal curve - gives a graphical impression of large(...) - Read More
  • House of Quality (HOQ)
    - The House of Quality (HOQ) is the first step in a series of mappings between The Voice of The Customer and The Voice of The Process. It is a matrix correlating VOC with CTQs and uses(...) - Read More
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  • Implementation Plan
    Once you have improved your process, you need to plan the implementation of the selected solution(s), i.e.: – Tasks and Timelines: What are you going to do and when? – Budget and(...) - Read More
  • Improve Phase
    In the fourth phase of the project, Improve, you want to find solutions - Targeted to reduce waste using principles for waste reduction (Lean route) - Targeted at your verified(...) - Read More
  • Internal Failure Costs
    Costs caused by deficiencies found before delivery of products and services to external customers which otherwise would have led to the customer not being satisfied. Deficiencies are(...) - Read More
  • Inventory
    Inventory is the collection of unsold parts and products waiting to be sold. The main types of inventory comprise the raw materials, the work in progress (WIP) inventory and the finished goods. - Read More
  • Ishikawa Diagram
    The Ishikawa Diagram (also Fishbone Diagram or Cause-and-Effect Diagram) is a structured way to brainstorm potential causes. The effect is the "Head of the fish" while the "Bones" and(...) - Read More
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  • Just-In-Time
    Just-in-time production describes a decentralized concept aiming at producing and delivering all goods in the quantity and at the time as actually required to fulfill customer demand.(...) - Read More
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  • Kanban
    Kanbans are pull signals used to connect processes that are not capable of continuous flow, tying two processes together like an invisible conveyer. Kanban systems can be electronic,(...) - Read More