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  • Boxplot
    The Boxplot is a typical frequency plot containing a lot of information in the graph. It is a graphical analysis tool used to investigate the effect of discrete inputs (X) on continuous(...) - Read More
  • Brainstorming
    Brainstorming is a creativity technique used to collect ideas. Typical Sequence: - Title the brainstorming - Set time (20min) - condutct brainstorming involving all team(...) - Read More
  • Brainwriting 6-3-5
    The name Brainwriting 6-3-5 comes from the process of having 6 people write 3 ideas in 5 minutes. Each person has a blank 6-3-5 worksheet Typical Sequence: 1. Write the problem(...) - Read More
  • Business Case
    - The business case is a brief justification for why this project is worthwhile pursuing - In most cases, it includes the financial rationale for the project - It links directly to(...) - Read More
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  • c-chart
    The c-chart is a type of Control Chart which is used to monitor a process over time and to distinguish between common and special cause variation - for discrete count data - when(...) - Read More
  • Calibration
    The calibration of a Measurement System corrects for a measurement bias or offset (when the measurement system is  inadequate compared to the standard value). Example: use of a standardized(...) - Read More
  • Capability Analysis
  • Cause and Effect diagram
    see Ishikawa Diagram - Read More
  • Changeover
    The changeover process whicht is needed to change the production line for performing a different operation, e.g. another product or another service. - Read More
  • Changeover Time
    Changeover time is a Lean Metrics describing the elapsed downtime between the last units of the batch before the changeover and the first good units of the following product at defined(...) - Read More
  • Continuous flow (One-piece flow)
    - In traditional processes, work moves in batches or is stuck in queues - Reducing the move quantity and increasing the move frequency will make the flow “more” continuous -(...) - Read More
  • Control Limit
    The control limits are calculated from the data. In a Control Chart, they are displayed as horizontal lines. For normally distributed data, they are an estimation of 3 standard deviations(...) - Read More
  • Control Phase
    In the fifth and last phase of the project, Control, you want to ensure sustainability of the process improvements, evaluate the accomplished results and finally close your project.(...) - Read More
  • Cp
    The Cp-Index (Process Capability) compares the tolerances of the process (how it should be) to the process spread (how it is): Cp = (USL - LSL) / 6sST Assumptions: -(...) - Read More
  • Cpk
    The Cpk-Index (Critical Process Capability; k: "Katayori", Japanes for bias) compares the distance from the process center to the nearest Specification Limit (how the process should be) to(...) - Read More
  • Creativity Techniques
    Creativity Techniques are tools used to generate a lot of ideas how to solve a given problem. They generally help broadening the scope of potential solutions and to find really new ideas(...) - Read More
  • Critical to Quality (CTQ)
    A metric that reflects what the process customer wants and that can be measured internally. The CTQ - is the deliverable of the "Voice of the Customer" (VOC) tool - is(...) - Read More
  • Cycle Time
    Cycle Time is a Lean Metric describing - the completion rate of one product/part - the time from part-to-part, measured after a process step To meet demand, each operation needs(...) - Read More
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  • Dashboard
    A dashboard is a visual management tool displaying the data and information that are relevant for the process of interest. Typically, process dashboards - Indicate the measures (KPIs)(...) - Read More
  • Data Collection Plan
    The data collection plan makes sure that you collect the data in a way that you can later use these data to analyze cause-effect relationships (measuring Ys and Xs at the same time). By(...) - Read More