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  • 2-Proportions Test
    The 2-Proportions Test is a test to check whether samples taken from two different conditions are different regarding their proportion. It compares whether the different proportions in two(...) - Read More
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  • 5 x Why
    5 x Why (5W) is a questioning technique for identifying the root cause of a problem. (Also view: Root Cause Analysis, Problem Solving). Purpose: To avoid being satisfied with a(...) - Read More
  • 5 S
    -5S is a tool for organizing one’s workplace with the intention of improving work efficiency and performance by demanding a clean, tidy, and perfectly organized workplace where everything(...) - Read More
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  • 7 Types of Waste
    Waste is anything other than the absolute minimum of material, machines, and manpower required to add value to the product. Use the TIMWOOD-Method to quickly identify and the 7 types of(...) - Read More
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  • Activity Flow Chart
    - An Activity Flow Chart is a type of Process Map that is used to show the complexity of a process (e.g. decision loops). - It puts the focus on displaying the process steps and(...) - Read More
  • Actual Output
    Actual Output = Target Output - Speed Losses Speed Losses can be caused by - reduced performance due to increasing quality issues of process product - operators not aware(...) - Read More
  • Affinity Diagram
    An affinty diagram is a tool that is used to group ideas for better overview after a brainstorming session. Step-by-step approach: 1. Transfer data onto cards or post-it notes(...) - Read More
  • Agile Implementation
    - To implement complex changes, an iterative, agile implementation approach is more effective than traditional project management of “planning & execution” - Iterating requires to(...) - Read More
  • Analogies
    Brainstroming by Analogies Typical Sequence: 1. Find an agreed problem definition in terms of 'How to make X'. 'How to prevent Y', 'How to speed up Z‘ 2. Generate a list of(...) - Read More
  • Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)
    - ANOVA is a hypothesis test to check whether the average differences between groups are significant or only due to random chance - The name ANOVA (ANalysis Of VAriances) comes from the(...) - Read More
  • Analyze Phase
    - The Analyze phase in an Operational Excellence project is about identifying moments creating value vs. waste and finding the problem’s root causes - Operational Excellence typically(...) - Read More
  • Appraisal Costs
    Costs that occur because of the need to control products and services to ensure a high quality level in all stages, conformance to quality standards, and performance requirements. E.g.(...) - Read More
  • Arithmetic Mean
    The arithmetic mean is a measure of central tendency (also compare median and mode). It is calculated as the sum of numbers devided by how many numbers are being averaged. - Read More
  • Attribute Agreement Analysis
    The Attribute Agreement Analysis is a Gage R&R Study for discrete data. Step-by-step approach: 1. Take parts representative of the process (usually 30 parts). These parts must(...) - Read More
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  • Bar Chart
    The bar chart is used to show frequencies of different categories. This allows comparisons across the different categories. A bar chart can be used to visualize cause-effect relationships(...) - Read More
  • Bartlett Test
    The Bartlett-Test is a test for equal variances comparing the variations of more than two groups when the distributions are normal (X in more than two groups). Read also: F-Test,(...) - Read More
  • Bias
    A bias in a measurement system is an offset between the measurement and the master/reference value. The bias of the measurement system can be corrected with calibration.   - Read More
  • Blue Sky Vision
    It might start as a dream, but what distinguishes a dream from a vision is the detail of the vision in action, something people can see or envision themselves doing. A Blue Sky Vision(...) - Read More
  • BOB & WOW
    BOB & WOW is a basic process analysis tool which - stands for "Best of the Best" & "Worst of the Worst" - aims to find potential variables by contrasting BOB and WOW - allows to(...) - Read More
  • Box-Cox Power Transformation
    The statisticians Box and Cox developed this function which applies a mathematical operation  to a set of non-normal data, transforming it into one that more closely approximates a normal(...) - Read More