Tailoring production systems

Set up smart production systems to fullfíll your market needs.


1-2-3 Method:

Quick and simple top down from prioritized business goals to required initiatives


Shopfloor Tour

Analyzing your opportunities


Lean Process Transparency:

Shedding light into the invisible processes to surface and tackle obstacles


Tools Trolley:

Select your set of tools piloted in your work environment


Sustain Success Support:

Ensure continuous progress by hands-on expert and leadership support

Lasting Lead Time improvements through support

10 to 20 weeks

Your production system is supplying you with the products you sell: It’s your equipment, your people, your processes, methods & IT. The Need for action is simple: The better the production system fits your purpose, the better your margins. @OurFreaks: Methods and IT is important, but it’s the last step! After understanding your business needs, let’s have a tour on your shopfloor to share our Feedback. Before whatever you start, make up your mind:  “Where is improvement crucial in order to succeed more?” This might be obvious, or this can also require some deep dive. We build on our fast, simplistic and well proven 1-2-3 approach  Then it’s about putting up a Focus Map which visualizes what to work on, so investments have maximum effect. We are at your hand to implement straight forward where you lack experienced capacity.