Pure Know-How
for Operations

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  • Working Area
    The working area is the immediate surrounding of the workstation or desk. There are certain ergonomic aspects that need consideration when planning it: The operator's body should be able to(...) Read More
  • Workstation
    A workstation or workspace is basically an individual place where operations are carried out. Learn more about this topic in our Workstation Design Online Course. Read More
  • Workstation Design
    Workstation Design means the design of work spaces and production lines targeting productivity, ergonomics, and quality output. There are five underlying principles: 1. The health of(...) Read More
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  • Yield
    “Traditional” Yield concepts reflect the short term view of the customers (“I’m not interested in how many defects a product/service has but that it’s defect-free”): First Time Yield – The(...) Read More