Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Work and manage building on OEE

Currently, OEE is one of the most frequently introduced indicators. OEE is probably also the key figure in operations that is being substantially misused most often. Fortunately, OEE is also an indicator with which one can really achieve a lot!

Just one of these three points would be reason enough to make some room for OEE here!


This module on OEE is a very special module – here, you find an extra portion of our life blood from our consulting practice.
All over the place, we experience different views and ways of using and working with OEE. We encounter that the goals are missed and sometimes the management of OEE even makes it worse.
We clarify what one can do with OEE – by giving insights. And also, HOW to do it. We have picked some of the most common OEE management mistakes as illustrative examples – just to make sure you avoid them. When it comes to OEE, so much depends on your specific situation. Contact us to get access to this module and discuss your situation!

About our online course:

For whom:

  • Process engineers
  • Site head, head of productions
  • Team leads and
  • Qualified employees who need to work with OEE
  • Maintenance experts
  • Process improvement



  • Successfully working with OEE in production

  • How OEE helps Maintenance, Quality, shift models and process development

  • Different ways of tracking and displaying OEE

  • OEE as a metric for Management

  • Heads-Up: Six OEE Management Mistakes

  • Improving, based on OEE

  • Leading the Improvement

Infos about Overall Equipment Effectiveness

OEE – The leading metric for sites?

OEE – The leading metric for sites?

OEE is a complex metric that includes many factors. OEE can depict the hourly performance per shift or per line and also the performance of the entire plant. Heads-up: What exactly do we mean by performance?

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Find details, definitions and calculations

OEE – The fast track to cross-check your numbers

OEE – The Fast Track to quickly Understand your Numbers

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is a measure for productivity of equipment. It reflects produced units in good quality. A downside of OEE is that it is not comprehensive at first glance as it consists of multiplied percentages. For managers it is difficult to…

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Short Video:
What does OEE show?

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